More than a scheduling app

$150billions losses every year because of no-show.

No-show is when a person makes an appointment but, neither uses nor cancels the reservation.

MeetPro is a free scheduling app with a rating system included.

Manage your appointments on your phone.

Rate your clients for their no-show behavior.

Get new clients from the app.  

Do you want a complicate scheduling software or, spend a lot of time to learn how to use it?

Build your own custom app or scheduling platform and spend tens of thousands of dollars?

Try MeetPro! It's a very simple, intuitive and free scheduling app.


On Meetpro it is very easy to manage your appointments

MeetPro scheduling app

MeetPro is more than a scheduling app

Set profile, accept and manage bookings.

You can use it together with your actual customer management system.

You can schedule  appointments on your cell phone even if you are out of the office. 

MeetPro scheduling app

Notifications & emails

You and your clients will get notifications & emails for new, changed or canceled appointments. 

Your schedule will automatically update if you get new appointments or canceled  ones.

MeetPro scheduling app

Get new clients & rate them for no-show behavior

Your business profile is public in MeetPro app. Register in MeetPro and you can get NEW CLIENTS.

Rating them for no-show behavior will make your clients more responsible when they set an appointment.

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Barber shop

MeetPro scheduling app

"When you no show your barber (here or anywhere else) and hold up that time slot, you are ultimately taking away from their ability to make a living. With MeetPro, clients are starting to value their rating and the no show rate dropped with more than 70% and even the rate of cancellations dropped to 4%."

Jake Sady - Barber Champ  

Beauty salon

MeetPro scheduling app

"A quick check of the appointment book on Friday night shows an amazing 87% Saturday booked, almost all my beauty salon.

At the time of closing on Saturday, the no-show total is just over $500 of appointments. We use MeetPro as the appointment app, because is very easy to use for the clients. The clients feel more responsible for the no-show, because MeetPro makes very easy the cancelling process and they have no excuse."

Sandy Simmons - Beauty M


MeetPro scheduling app

"To fight no-show, first we did this: "We understand that sometimes you are not able to go for a workout due to last minute emergencies, weather conditions, or you have been hit by the lazy bug... Unfortunately late cancellations and no shows lead to emptier classes and a reduced opportunity for other members to attend that class too." 

We have added MeetPro as an appointment app. MeetPro is very easy to use by our staff. Rating the clients for no-show is the most incredible tool. Too bad is only on iOS :("

Amelia Stan - Fit4you


MeetPro scheduling app

"Letting people go without paying or any penalty is telling them that your time is not important. If you had 4 cancellations a week for a year and charged $60 an hour that would be almost $15,000 a year. 

MeetPro has an option to rate client for no-show. So, I thought to test if the clients are more willing to behave properly and to cancel the appointments in advance in order for me to be able to take other clients than, bill them their missed appointments."

Samantha Oxim - Shine


MeetPro scheduling app

"It becomes vital for the scheduling coordinator to be able to identify these patients so that the dental team can confirm their appointments directly. I do not recommend cancellation fees, but if you decide to go this route then waive the fee for at least the first offense. 

We are using MeetPro for appointments because we can rate the clients for no-show. With a low rating they won't be able to book appointments on other services and I hope that this "no-show rating" will become more generalized."

James Cordone - DentalCare

Therapy Clinic

MeetPro scheduling app

"No-shows and cancellations for therapy appointments are more than just annoying, they can be detrimental to you, your clients, and your practice. 

I have started to use MeetPro because I didn't wanted to bill my clients for no-show. So, i have asked them what they prefer? Bill them for no-show or, making an appointment through an app where I can rate their no-show behaviour?

They all accepted to make appointments on MeetPro app. Is very easy to use so they can't complain about it."

Mira Nostrom - Therapy clinic

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